The 25th International Conference on Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Semiconductors (ICANS25)
 St. George campus -University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada, August 18-23, 2013

   “Local Area Transfer and Simultaneous Crystallization of Amorphous Si Films with Midair Structure Induced by Near-Infrared Semiconductor Diode Laser Irradiation ”

 35th International Symposium on Dry Process(DPS2013)
 Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, KOREA, Aug.29-30, 2013

    “Atmospheric Pressure Thermal Plasma Jet annealing for 4H-SiC and Aluminium Activation”

    “Grain Growth Control during Leading Wave Crystallization Induced by Micro-Thermal-Plasma-Jet Irradiation to  Amorphous  Silicon Films"