2013 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit       
San Francisco, California   April 1-5, 2013

“Development of Silicon Layer Transfer Technique Using Mid-air Structure for Thin Film Transistor Fabrication”


 Centennial Hall Kyushu  University School of Medicine  Fukuoka, Japan , June 2-6, 2013.   

“Explosive Crystallization of Amorphous Germanium Films Induced by Atmospheric Pressure Micro-Thermal-Plasma-Jet Irradiation”

“Determination of Bandgap Energy of Thermally-Grown Si- and Ge- Oxides from Energy Loss Spectra of Photoelectrons”

機械振興会館  2013年6月18日

 “SiOx/TiO2積層したMIMダイオードにおける抵抗変化特性評価 ”